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(1) If everything remains as it is now, Biden would lead in the EC by 270 to 268. This means, as the ever-cheerful Damn Yankees pointed out earlier this morning, that *one* faithless Biden elector would throw the election to the House, and therefore to Trump — state delegations each get one vote, so the fact that the Democrats have more votes once again runs up against the Wisdom of the Framers.

(2) Speaking of which, if you turn 32 next week then you will have been alive for exactly one presidential election in which the Republican got even a plurality of the popular vote.

(3) Is there any risk that a Republican legislature and governor would go rogue and impanel a slate of Republican electors in the face of the popular vote? The only place that has a both a Republican legislature and governor and has voted for Biden is, I believe, Arizona. Is this a threat, or will self-preservation instincts save the day?

(4) In the end it’s going to turn out that more than 70 million Americans voted for Trump, despite everything. This should dispel any lingering beliefs that 2016 was some sort of freak event/perfect storm/Hillary was so terrible/Comey, etc. This is who the Republican party is now, and this is who we are as a country now.

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