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Night sweats


This is a no-judgment thread for freaking out about tomorrow and everything after.

I’ll start:

Rationally, I know there’s an excellent chance that Biden wins at least one of the following states, that all count their early votes ahead of time, meaning that they will all be called tomorrow night, unless the vote is extremely close:



North Carolina



Any single one of these states should be enough. I think Trump is clearly drawing dead in Michigan and Wisconsin, so any of these would be enough, even Arizona, when you throw in the single electoral votes from the Nebraska and Maine districts, which also seem totally solid now.

The only Clinton 2016 state that worries me a little is Nevada, but Jon Ralston, who knows the state inside out, seems very confident that it will stay in Biden’s column.

So everything’s great, right? One of these will be called for Biden early, and then we can all stop worrying and get drunk (LOLZ we will already be drunk).

My concern is that it won’t play out like that because:

Ohio: Forget Ohio. Worst state ever. Never count on that oxy-ridden white trash hole for anything, except a football team that is a 37-point favorite against Rutgers on Saturday. Rutgers beat Michigan State by 11 which beat Michigan by three, which according to the laws of transitivity makes Ohio State a 51-point favorite against Michigan. Frankly sounds about right at the moment (Fire Jim Harbaugh).

Florida: One word: Florida.

North Carolina: Are we really depending on the state that gave us Jesse Helms? Michael McCormick thinks NC isn’t looking too good for Biden.

Georgia: I 100% believe Biden will get more actual votes in Georgia than Trump, and that the state’s Republicans will find a way to steal the election anyway.

Arizona: Hard state to figure for a bunch of reasons. Again, McCormick is far from bullish on Biden’s chances.

I’m not even going to talk about Texas.

But . . . even if everything breaks wrong tomorrow night, there’s still Pennsylvania, right? Pennsylvania is going to go for Biden, at least if the ballots are actually all counted. And that would be enough. The problem is that they won’t all be counted until this weekend at the earliest.

This will give the Trump campaign and its judicial enablers plenty of time to muddy up the result one way or another. At which point we’re looking at 2000 all over again, but with WAY more violence.

That’s my own personal nightmare: that the sunbelt states that count fast plus Ohio won’t come through, and we actually need Pennsylvania, where the gerrymandered legislature has done everything possible to keep the votes from getting counted expeditiously, precisely because of this scenario. Trump wants chaos above all, and this would be chaos with a capital K.

Now do I think this is actually going to happen? No I don’t. Again, even one of the fast counting states above going for Biden should be enough to cut off all the Republican hijinks and shenanigans (that’s what we call voter suppression in the service of fascism in this country) before they get too out of hand.

And the more likely scenario is that there’s a blue wave and Biden wins 375 electoral votes and hell even Texas to get us well over 400 and we all live not so unhappily ever after, at least for awhile. (The Dems get 54 Senate seats in this latter scenario too).

But should you want to join me in a little election eve freaking out, this thread is a Safe Zone for that.

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