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Late night election update


Georgia is down to a 28.5K margin with (very roughly) around 90K votes to count. It’s going to come down to a few thousand votes either way.

Pennsylvania continues to count very slowly, but Biden seems to gaining about 30K net votes for every new 1% that’s reported. Biden currently trails by 164K with 89% reporting, so if the current trend holds he will win the state by more than 100,000 votes.

Biden leads in Arizona by 79K, down from 93K earlier in the day. There are still about 400,000 votes outstanding. This could narrow to a real nailbiter. They’re scheduled to do another big vote announcement in an hour or so.

Nevada will announce its final total tomorrow morning. Local guru Jon Ralston seems fairly confident of a Biden win fwiw.

North Carolina isn’t going to announce any more totals until a week from today.

Ironically, after 30 or so hours of sheer madness we’re pretty much back to exactly where we were before last night, with Biden having about a 90% shot of winning this, which of course is sort of like having 10% odds of having your city destroyed by asteroids hurled across the galaxy by a hostile species of insect.

ETA: Biden wins the election if he wins Pennsylvania.

He also wins the election if he wins any two of Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, and Nevada.

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