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I’m never gonna know you now, but I’m gonna love you anyhow


Lindsey Graham, the emo years:

It a rally a week before the toughest election of his career, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) did something he often does on the stump: invoke his famous relationship with President Donald Trump.

“We got off to a rocky start. He beat me pretty badly,” Graham told the assembled crowd in Greenville, South Carolina, on Tuesday, referencing his failed 2016 White House bid. But, these days, Graham added, “we’ve got something in common; I like him and he likes him.”

The senator has made that same self-deprecating crack many times before. But given the setting on Tuesday, it took on a fresher—and perhaps sharper—meaning, thanks to Graham’s company in Greenville.

A powerful White House figure indeed flew in to buck up Graham during the political fight of his life, but it wasn’t his pal Trump. It was Vice President Mike Pence.

Indeed, Trump himself has not visited South Carolina to support his erstwhile ally, and likely will not before the Nov. 3 election, when Graham faces Democrat Jaime Harrison. A former chair of the state’s Democratic Party, Harrison entered the race a long shot but has turned the Senate contest into a toss-up race, after raising a record $100 million sum for his campaign from a national liberal base that detests Graham.

Another illustration of the fact that the closest thing Donald Trump has to a redeeming characteristic is how inevitably he humiliates his most obsequious sycophants.

At least Graham is likely to pull it out, although having a 1-in-4 chance of losing in a state Trump projects to carry by double digits is impressive underperformance in this partisan context. Kelly Leoffler is in considerably worse shape, but if she goes down it will be with her head firmly lodged in Trump’s ass:

Sen. Kelly Loeffler said Wednesday that she doesn’t disagree with anything President Donald Trump has said or done.

Earlier this month during a debate, Loeffler was asked if President Trump had ever said or done anything she’d disagreed with. Her answer was emphatically “no.”

Loeffler told reporters Wednesday that she doesn’t know anything about an Access Hollywood tape made in 2005 in which Trump described sexually assaulting women. This came up again after Loeffler said she doesn’t disagree with anything Trump has said or done.

If Warnock can beat her and/or Collins it will be one of the more satisfying triumphs of the 2020 cycle, especially considering this.

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