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Daniel Dale should get combat pay


His job is to go to Trump rallies and make a record of the intensifying insanity:

He really does think of the presidency as another reality TV show. This is not a metaphor or an analogy — it’s a literal description.

His whole life has been selling time shares for condos that are never built.

I love that he’s so petty and insecure that this stuff really gets to him at the core of his being, such as it is.

A good indication of the depths to which we’ve now sunk is that Trump keeps demanding that his own Attorney General launch a criminal investigation into his opponent and it’s barely even news:

Earlier, in a phone call to Fox News, the President called on Barr to open a preelection probe into his false claims that the former vice president is guilty of corruption in Ukraine — the country that Trump tried to coerce into interfering in the election to damage Biden in an abuse of power that got him impeached.

“We’ve gotta get the attorney general to act. He’s gotta act. And he’s gotta act fast,” Trump said in the interview. “This is major corruption and this has to be known about before the election.”

The demand was the latest indication of how Trump has no compunction about using the powers of his office — meant to be reserved for the American national interest — to try to damage his political foes in full public view.

He’s delusional, but not completely so. He knows he’s going to lose, and badly, and it’s killing him (hopefully not before he has a chance to fully appreciate his complete and utter humiliation).

Calling it:

Popular vote

Biden: 81.2 million

Trump: 66.5 million

Electoral College:

Biden: 375

Trump: 163

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