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We are all reasonable men here


We don’t have to give each other assurances, as if we were lawyers:

I’m getting pretty tired of legal elites who keep getting shocked by the complete moral degeneracy of the Republican party, of which Donald Trump’s presidency is more a symptom than a cause.

A silver lining here is that we’re not going to get any op-eds this time around from Even the Liberal Amy Chua et. al about Amy Coney Barrett’s needlepoint skills, or how Barbara Lagoa mixes a mean Cuba Libre. Probably not anyway.

. . . nuancing this prediction a bit: I don’t think we’ll see any putative liberals enthusiastically supporting Trump’s pick, as we saw in the case of Kavanaugh. We probably will still see some sorrowful laments about how this totally brilliant judge who I swear I’m not trying to get my children/students/proteges clerkships with in the future has had her candidacy come forward in these terrible circumstances, but please don’t blame her she’s only following orders.

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