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Three versions of Judas


Borges has a story, “Three Versions of Judas,” in which a 20th-century Swedish theologian is puzzling continually over the mystery of Judas’s betrayal of Christ, and concludes ultimately that Judas was Christ.

I was reminded of that story when I observed today’s episode in the Continual Self-Degradation of Mike Pence:

Some people think the president and I are a little bit different. But we’ve actually gotten to be very close friends, and I’ll tell you what, he’s a man of his word and what he says he does and he set the tone. He set the tone for the cause of life from the beginning of this administration. . . .

I always tell people that to know President Trump is to know someone whose word is his bond. I’ve been in a number of conversations, and these members of Congress have as well, where issues will be discussed and ideas brought up but the conversation stops when the president says, “Well, I told people that’s what we were going to do.” And he does it. And I must tell you, Marjorie, you said in politics things get, shall we say flexible. I think it was a famous speaker of the house who said, “I am a man of principle and my first principle is flexibility.” With this president, with the promises that he’s made to the American people, whether it be life, whether it be less taxes, or whether it be standing without apology with the men and women who serve in law enforcement everywhere in every city and every town, he’s a man of his word.

This was at a Right to Life rally in North Carolina today.

Of course a cynic might wonder how many abortions Donald Trump has paid for over the years, but I’m pretty sure the answer is “none,” if I know anything about Donald Trump.

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