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Speaking of white supremacy and vote suppression


Making Georgia Jim Crow again:

The state of Georgia has likely removed nearly 200,000 Georgia citizens from the voter rolls for wrongfully concluding that those people had moved and not changed the address on their voter registration, when in fact they never moved,¬†according to a new report released on Wednesday.The ACLU of Georgia released the report which was conducted by the Palast Investigative Fund, a nonpartisan group that focuses on data journalism, on Wednesday.For the report, Palast hired expert firms to conduct an Advanced Address List Hygiene, a method of residential address verification, to review 313,243 names that were removed from the state’s voter rolls in late 2019. Their findings claim that 63.3% of voters had not, in fact, moved and were purged in error.Reacting to the report, Andrea Young, executive director of the ACLU of Georgia, told CNN, “on the one hand, I was deeply saddened and on the other side, not entirely surprised.”

While we’re here, the role Jeb Bush’s racist voter purges played in this century’s first stolen election is not mentioned nearly often enough. And it’s also worth noting that voter purges are yet another area where the Supreme Court has precisely inverted the purpose of a legal text designed to protect the right to vote.

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