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How Anti-democratic practices get normalized


This is one searing hawt take:

Liberals have convinced themselves that Republicans are, in one way or another, cheating. In addition to all of Trump’s norm-breaking, the GOP is gerrymandering, purging voter rolls, and shutting down polling places in Black neighborhoods. Yet Republicans wouldn’t have been able to do these things if they hadn’t won enough statewide and local offices in the first place. They have put themselves in a position to enact their favored redistricting and election procedures by finding candidates and pursuing policies that made them competitive in formerly Democratic states, demanding a level of party discipline that Democrats can seldom muster, and getting their supporters to turn out for down-ballot races. Republican manipulation is what the democratic process itself has produced, however unfair, and it can be undone only through that same process, however flawed.

“If you want fair elections the solution is to never lose an election” is one of the dumbest — and most dangerous — arguments I’ve ever heard. And of course “just fight harder” is pretty hollow advice when dealing with a case like Wisconsin, where recapturing the legislature is effectively impossible. This is just another variation of the world-historically specious Roberts/Frankfurter argument that the solution to being denied democratic representation is to just keep on petitioning the representatives who don’t represent you.

Somebody should come up with a short, snappy “law” to describe the mindset that ultimately all political outcomes are the responsibility of the Democratic Party, and Republicans cannot be held accountable for misconduct no matter how egregious.

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