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Who amongst us can remember 2016 anyway


This is from the original version of Maureen Dowd’s column this week. The one 800-word column a week she’s paid six figures to write with the assistance of staff:

To use a phrase all of the hip kids are saying nowadays, “where’s the beef?”

And while I certainly don’t disagree that Biden’s running mate is going to face a shitstorm of sexist criticism and this will be bad, this point would be more convincingly voiced by someone whose main “contribution” to American political discourse over two decades wasn’t “all Democratic men are women and all Democratic women are men.” I would be indeed be shocked if Dowd doesn’t join the inevitable war on Biden’s VP pick.

I had missed this until Hill herself pointed it out today, but here’s the conclusion to her column about revenge porn playing a major role in forcing Hill out of Congress:

There will always be vengeful exes and envious allies and ruthless opponents and double-crossing friends. Whether the messages are being carried by pigeons or pixels, you have to protect yourself — and your data. Don’t let our shiny new tools blind you to the fact that some horrible truths about humanity never change.

And don’t leave yourself vulnerable by giving people the ammunition — or the nudes — to strip you of your dreams.

This is literally identical logic to “if women don’t want to be sexually assaulted, they shouldn’t consume alcoholic beverages in public.” Dowd has always been a major part of the problem she’s purportedly decrying.

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