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The appearance of safety


This is a really good piece from a school nurse who quit rather than working in one of Brian Kemp’s death traps. The bottom line:

These new routines don’t seem to be designed to stop viral spread and promote public health. They seem like products of magical thinking. Now that the county’s schools have been open for a couple of weeks, it’s become even more obvious that the district is more concerned about the appearance of safety than with actual safety. Two high-schoolers posted photos and videos of their crowded hallways online, and were initially suspended; then, after nine people later tested positive for the virus, the school decided to shut down its building for a week, then switch to a hybrid model of learning. An hour away, in Cherokee County, schools had to close within days of reopening after a second-grader tested positive. The same story has been playing out in Indiana, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Schools and families want badly to resume normal, stable routines. But without the virus under control, and lacking any support from the government so people can stay home, we’re left to muddle through the chaos.

Resistance from teachers and staff is only going to get more common as this disaster unfolds.

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