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Some people have to play their little etc.


Remember the story of the Georgia high school that suspended students for providing photographic evidence that school administrators were running a death trap? Well there is an amazing plot twist surely nobody could have anticipated:

The Paulding County high school that became infamous for hallways crowded with unmasked students will retreat online for at least a couple days this week after revealing that a half-dozen students and three staffers were diagnosed with COVID-19.

The district said it needs time to disinfect the North Paulding High School building and look for other potentially infected individuals.

“On Monday and Tuesday, the school will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and the district will consult with the Department of Public Health to assess the environment and determine if there (are) any additional close contacts for confirmed cases who have not already been identified,” Paulding Superintendent Brian Otott wrote in a letter to parents Sunday.

This stupid scenario is going to play out countless times in the fall. Schools in an area with an unchecked pandemic open although it’s patently unsafe for Trumpian identity politics reasons, people get infected, schools go online to perform hygiene theater, they re-open, people get infected, and repeat the great orange cycle again and again until somebody figures out that it will be better for everyone involved if you admit it’s not working and just go remote. (And that’s the better case; in some cases the cycle will just keep running.) The aristocrats!

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