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LGM Film Club, Part 51: The Battle of Chile


I just finished reading Arturo Fontaine’s remarkable novel La Vida Doble, a story of a Chilean underground fighter in the 1980s who gets captured and tortured and then totally turns on her old comrades and not only works with the Pinochet torturers but becomes one of them herself. It’s quite a read and a very successful novel. I highly recommend you finding a copy of this.

It reminded me that this would be a good time to suggest viewing Patricio Guzman’s amazing documentary of the rise and fall of Allende, The Battle of Chile. It is…extremely long. In fact, I haven’t seen all of it myself. I really should. But what I have seen is incredibly riveting and I thought this was a good opportunity to use it in the film club.

I believe the entire film is available in various chunks on YouTube.

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