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LGM Film Club, Part 49: Hiroshima


Today is the 75th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing. So tonight’s film club is what exists on YouTube of the powerful, angry, and wonderful 1952 Hideo Sekigawa film Hiroshima. Paul’s post from earlier reminds me that I have talked about this before, but never embedded any of it. This is the 8 minute scene of the bomb and the immediate aftermath.

If some of the scenes look familiar, it’s because Alain Resnais used some of them to depict the bombing in Hiroshima Mon Amour.

This is an amazing film, one of the best political films I have ever seen. It is extremely angry. And it directly blames the United States for launching a horror on the world for which there is no excuse. And yet it is almost unknown. It was briefly streaming on a service at one point–maybe Filmstruck back before it closed and I just happened on it and watched with amazement. But it wasn’t on there long. It’s not available on DVD in the US though it is in Britain. But because everything is stupid, America has its own system and foreign DVDs won’t work on our players. On IMDB, this film has a whopping…176 ratings, one of which is mine. It was basically blacklisted after its release, which was outside the Japanese studio system, because of its politics at a time when Japan was just moving to get out from under U.S. occupation. It really deserves a wider showing. Definitely try to find this if you can.

I’m also reminded that I was going to visit Hiroshima this summer on my Japan visiting scholar junket, but well…….

….Late night note:

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