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The Dumb, It Burns


One of the Trump administration’s most grotesque early moves was to eviscerate the Utah national monuments, both Grand Staircase-Escalante and Bears Ears. If Biden is elected, he will almost certainly restore those earlier boundaries. This knowledge by oil and gas companies has largely kept them from taking advantage of the new designations. But Uday Trump (or is this one Qusay?) has thoughts about these lands.

While presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden vows to restore the Bears Ears National Monument in Utah and curtail oil and gas leasing on public lands, President Donald Trump’s son says his dad’s efforts to open up access to federal tracts and fix up national parks is a better selling point for reelection.

“The Democrats have been able to spin the Bears Ears notion as, ‘Oh, my God, they’re getting rid of a national monument,’” Donald Trump Jr. said on a conference call Friday with regional news outlets.

“It just couldn’t be further from the truth,” he continued. The Trump administration is “getting rid of belt-and-suspenders-type regulations to allow people access to be able to enjoy these monuments and to be able to do it for everyone to enjoy their public lands.”

It’s true–there’s nothing tourists enjoy more on the public lands than oil wells and construction sites.

“So this administration has gone above and beyond opening up more access to public lands, I believe [more than] anyone since [President Teddy] Roosevelt, you know, when they started the whole public parks program.”

I hate these people so very, very much.

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