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Speaking of the Trump Death Cult


74 year-old-man gives himself COVID-19 to hear a demented old racist rant about random nonsense to own the libs:

Herman Cain, the former pizza chain executive who ran in the Republican presidential primary in 2012, has been hospitalized with covid-19 less than two weeks after attending President Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa.

Cain, 74, learned that he tested positive for the virus Monday, and by Wednesday required hospitalization for his symptoms but is not on a ventilator, according to a statement on his Twitter account.

That brief period of time in which Mr. 9-9-9 led the Republican polls as the Republican primary electorate desperately tried to find someone who wasn’t Mitt Romney really should have been a sign that non-Campos political commentators should have taken more seriously when evaluating Trump’s chances in early 2015.

In related news, this has been a record-setting day for America!

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