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Down so far even the Devil won’t stay


This would certainly be better than holding the convention inside, but still:

The Republican convention in Jacksonville, Fla., next month could be moved to an outdoor stadium as cases of the novel coronavirus in the state increase, according to several officials with knowledge of the plans.

While no decision has been made, Republican officials are studying two outdoor professional sports stadiums near the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena where the convention is currently slated to be held. They are also looking more broadly into the logistics of pulling off an outdoor convention, according to two Republicans involved in the planning.

This marks the latest uncertainty over planning the convention, which President Trump is determined to hold even as cases surge in Florida and other states. Officials have engaged in weeks of intensive planning for the convention, which was moved from North Carolina after a sharp disagreement with state leaders there over health measures.

“Spend 8 hours outside in Jacksonville in late August listening to speeches delivered by Donald Trump and random Donald Trump lickspittles during a raging pandemic the state’s governor believes as a matter of principle he should do nothing about” is what the devil threatens you with if you’re misbehaving in hell.

…translation: “Spend three days in Jacksonville in August? I’d rather spend that time listening to a pitch for Matt Bevin’s new multi-level marketing scheme while tending to Chuck Grassley’s foot sores.”

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