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An armed society is a polite society


Or maybe not!

An angry exchange with accusations of racism was caught on video outside of an Oakland County Chipotle restaurant and shows a woman allegedly pulling a gun on a mother and her 15-year-old daughter Wednesday evening.

Takelia Hill, who is Black, said her daughter was allegedly bumped into by a the woman, who is white, before entering the fast food restaurant in Orion Township at about 8 p.m. The daughter said she asked the woman for an apology and said the woman began yelling at her. 

“Before I could walk into Chipotle, this woman was coming out and I had moved out the way so she can walk out,” said Makayla Green. “She bumped me and I said, ‘Excuse you.’ And then she started cussing me out and saying things like I was invading her personal space.”

The teen called her mother over because she said she was scared.

“I walked up on the woman yelling at my daughter,” Hill said. “She couldn’t see me because her back was to me, but she was in my daughter’s face.”

The initial encounter was not caught on video. The footage starts after the altercation moved to the Chipotle parking lot near the vehicle of the woman accused of bumping into the teen. 

At one point, the woman who pulled the gun listens to the mom and teen, one of whom repeats that the woman is “ignorant” and “racist.”  A man from the vehicle exits and asks the pair, “Who the (expletive) do you think you guys are?” and helps the woman into the SUV. He and Hill exchange angry words before he walks back to the driver’s side.

From the passenger seat, as Hill asks the woman why she bumped her daughter, the woman says through the rolled down passenger-side window: “You cannot just walk around calling white people racist … White people aren’t racist … I care about you and I’m sorry if you had an incident that has made someone make you feel like that. No one is racist …”

The woman rolls up her window and Hill is seen stepping back as the SUV starts to drive away.

But then . . .

Hill then said she thought the driver was going to hit them as the driver backed out of the parking space, so she hit the back window of the SUV to stop it.

Note that Totally Not Racist Woman is being driven away at this point in her family’s suburban assault vehicle, so any claim that she feels threatened by Unarmed But Uppity Black Woman seems dubious. Then this happens:

Hey maybe the real problem here is only one person was armed. America’s gun manufacturers and cultural edgelords are trying to remedy that at record speed:

Historic numbers of background checks to purchase or possess a firearm were done in June, a trend in a year marked by uncertainty over the coronavirus pandemic, a subsequent economic recession, protests over racial injustice and calls to reduce police funding.

FBI numbers released Wednesday show that 3.9 million background checks were conducted last month, the most since the system was created in November 1998 to ensure felons and other prohibited people could not buy or possess a firearm. The previous monthly record came in March, when 3.7 million checks were done. Each week in June is now in the top 10 weeks for background checks.

It’s unclear if Totally Not Racist woman has been charged with a crime, though apparently she was subsequently arrested and forced to surrender her constitutional rights citizenship patriotism gun.

. . . Here’s a more complete version of the incident, which is being posted by some white person who thinks the black woman and girl are to blame for all this (don’t read the comments):

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