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They said they’d make me major if I met all their demands


Bill Barr is flooding the zone in D.C. with an assortment of goon squads whose members can’t be identified or, hence, easily held accountable:

After more than a week of unrest, tension in a number of major U.S. cities has eased. The vandalism and looting that had often used large, peaceful protests as cover have faded; the eruption of violence at protests appears to be less common. The Associated Press reports that active-duty members of the military who were moved into Washington to help keep order would be moved back out, though that decision was later reversed.

But it wasn’t only components of the Defense Department that had been brought to the nation’s capital to help with the “domination” that President Trump sought to display in the wake of the turmoil. Washington residents have also been confronted with a number of other heavily armed law enforcement officers who share an unexpected characteristic: Neither their affiliation nor their personal identities are discernible.

On Tuesday, Mother Jones reporter Dan Friedman encountered these individuals, who gave no more specific identification than that they were associated with the Justice Department.

Should Dems get a trifecta in 2021 and even senators like Pat Leahy figure out that it would be dumb to allow Mitch McConnell to stop them from legislating entirely, D.C. statehood should be near the top of the agenda.

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