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Outflanked! XVIII: The Treason in Defense of Slavery Outflankening


Noted populist firebrand Josh Hawley is OUTRAGED that some military bases may stop being named after traitors whose treason was in service of building an autonomous colonial empire dedicated to the preservation of white supremacy and expansion of chattel slavery:

Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley said Thursday he voted against an amendment to require the U.S. military to rename 10 bases named for Confederate officers

“I opposed this amendment, spoke against it, and voted no in the committee. Congress should not be mandating renaming of our bases and military installations,” Hawley, a Missouri Republican who serves on the Senate Armed Services Committee, said on Twitter Thursday morning after the committee approved the measure by voice vote the previous day.

The amendment was crafted by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat, who said earlier this week that it was “long past time to end the tribute to white supremacy on our military installations.”

OK, but you see Hawley has to engage in Trumpian race-baiting so he can transform the Republican Party with such bold economic populisms as “taking access to healthcare away from tens of millions of people” and “the CFPB is illegal,” so…

…more boldly transformative populism where this came from:

Anybody who thinks that his completely standard-issue Ryanomics are actually progressive because he wants to defund universities because they aren’t the conservative propaganda factories he would prefer is the biggest stooge in the world.

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