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“We Didn’t Start the Fire” Is Not A Critique of Corporate Power


Josh Hawley gave a disgusting speech attacking “cosmopolitan elites” at a Trumpist conference recently. This lead to perhaps the most ridiculous of Matt Stoller’s many ridiculous arguments ever:

Look, if you don’t think (((cosmopolitan))) elites are conspiring to deny us all aspects of American culture from Seinfeld to hip-hop to fireworks to racism, I don’t know what to tell you.

It’s not exactly news that these dudes on the ostensible left who construct their political identities around despising the Democratic Party grade Republicans on a ridiculously generous curve, but praising Josh Hawley as a critic of corporate power because he’s issued some vague criticism of some social media companies he perceives as being unfair to Donald Trump is particularly ridiculous:

Which of course is also true of Hawley’s party as a whole:

I would like to think that this would stop anyone from taking Stoller seriously, but I guess if you stuck with him through “Mitt Romney can be successfully persuaded to support pro-choice judges, rather than reactionaries like Sonia Sotomayor” why stop now?

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