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It Ain’t 1968


All indications are that Trump is planning on running something in between Richard Nixon and George Wallace’s campaigns from 1968, using various forms of “law and order” race-baiting. One major issue, though, is that at least so far the public is with Black Lives Matter:

The Black Lives Matter movement, which is back in the headlines amid the nationwide protests, receives wide support. Two-thirds of U.S. adults say they support the movement, with 38% saying they strongly support it. This sentiment is particularly strong among black Americans, although majorities of white (60%), Hispanic (77%) and Asian (75%) Americans express at least some support.1

President Donald Trump receives negative marks for his handling of the demonstrations to protest the death of George Floyd. Six-in-ten Americans say the president has been delivering the wrong message to the country in response to these protests. Asked about Trump’s handling of race relations more generally, about half (48%) say he has made race relations worse; 19% say he has made progress toward improving race relations, 19% say he has tried but failed to make progress and 12% say the president hasn’t addressed the issue.

It’s definitely worth clicking through; as with most Pew reports there’s a lot of fascinating data there. But Derek Chauvin and Donald Trump being the chief public representatives for the “law and order” side has so far seemed to tilt the public in favor of the critics of arbitrary white supremacist violence by police, something that was not the case in 2014. This is a frightening time in a lot of ways but there is real opportunity here.

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