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If only this strategy were available for US history since November 2000


Ladies and gentlemen: Please verify that your nerd cards are in order before commenting on the substance of the following:

Doomock says that plans are in place to save the Star Wars franchise which involves the Abrams and Rian Johnson trilogy getting nullified.

It’s claimed the Disney Star Wars Trilogy will be erased using a concept that was recently made canon in the Star Wars Rebels animated series.

“In the Season 4 episode 13 installment titled ‘A World Between Worlds,’ the concept of the Veil of The Force was introduced, a mystical dimension of The Force that connects all time and space,” explains Doomcock. “I have received confirmation from two additional sources claiming that this is spot on — that indeed LucasFilm realizes they have a massive problem on their hands, that the Star Wars franchise is all but dead, and despite Kathleen Kennedy’s hatred of this idea, Lucasfilm is preparing to render the Sequel Trilogy null and void.”

It’s said that the events from The Force AwakensLast Jedi, and Skywalker “will be removed from canon, isolated in their own alternate timeline and regarded as an Elseworlds-like installment under the label of Star Wars Legends.”

So what Doomcock is explaining is that a Star Wars Multiverse will be created which will isolate the Disney Star Wars Trilogy as being a part of a separate universe that is not a part of the George Lucas original Star Wars films.

Doomcock continues by noting the details can’t be verified but says there may be proof it’s happening in The Rise of Skywalker (more on that below).

It’s further noted that the plans are not set in place, as again Kathleen Kennedy is said to hate the idea and is said to be doing everything she can to crush it, as if “the plan comes to pass, everything that Kathleen Kennedy did with the Sequel Trilogy will be destroyed, tossed out and declared obsolete.”

Doomcock feels the plan will happen.

“A massive reset is going to hit the Star Wars universe,” he says.

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