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COVID Security Theater


This is an excellent point:

Constant disinfection is basically security theater trying to convince people that dining inside is safe when it’s very clearly not. I guess constant disinfection is better all things being equal, but fundamentally the kind of of sustained indoor exposure dining indoors creates is by far the most common means for spreading the virus. The failure to focus on the highest risk factors led to initial lockdowns that were harsher than necessary (banning some outdoor activities that are generally safe if people are social distanced and/or masked) and openings that allow for unacceptably high-risk (again, opening indoor bars is insane until the virus is actually suppressed.)

Relatedly, this is a good piece about how experts remained in denial about asymptomatic transmission for too long, which is still influencing things like hare-brained campus reopening plans that assume that ordering people off campus when they’re visibly ill will be sufficient.

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