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Quite a day.

The New York Times on Sunday announced the resignation of its editorial page editor James Bennet, who had held the position since May 2016, and the reassignment of deputy editorial page editor James Dao to the newsroom.

The announcement comes three days after Bennet acknowledged that he had not read, prior to publication, a controversial op-ed from Sen. Tom Cotton (R.-Ark.) titled “Send in the Troops,” which called for military intervention in U.S. cities where protests over police brutality have ignited violence.

Dozens of Times staffers spoke out on Twitter Wednesday evening to denounce their newspaper’s decision to run the essay shortly after it appeared online, calling it inflammatory and saying it contained assertions debunked as misinformation by the Times’s own reporting; several hundred later signed a letter objecting to it.

You know the Post must have loved writing this piece. And I guess it turns out that soliciting a piece supporting fascism and then not even bothering to read it before publishing it can cost you a job, even at the New York Times.

Kathleen Kingsbury is taking over until at least after the election. A lot of people seem to respect her. She could hardly be worse than Bennet. Maybe Bedbug Stephens will resign in protest. Baquet needs to go too. But this is a significant development.

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