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Because we are living in the material world


Remember way back in 2017 when Claretta was living in New York City rather than moving to the White House? Turns out she was using her increasingly awkward absence as leverage to negotiate a new pre-nup with her “husband.”

She doesn’t care: do you?

Of course this is penny ante stuff in comparison to the real criming going on inside the Big White House:

In a stunning move, the Trump administration is signaling that it won’t disclose the recipients of more than $500 billion in bailout money delivered to 4.5 million businesses through the PPP. Mnuchin says it’s “proprietary” and “confidential” information. The GAO told POLITICO that the Small Business Administration is also withholding PPP loan data the agency requested as part of its oversight efforts.

When the real story of went on during the Trump years is finally revealed, nobody is going to believe at first, because it’s going to be literally unbelievable.

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