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Thursday NatSec Roundup

El buque alemán Scharnhorst durante la batalla contra el Glorious.jpg
Scharnhorst firing on HMS Glorious, June 8, 1940. Public Domain, Link

The Admiralty later realised that it had made a mistake.

  • Val Kilmer will appear in Top Gun: Maverick later this year. Here’s what he’s been up to.
  • Late capitalism has much to answer for, including Elon Musk.
  • Dave Dilegge, founder of Small Wars Journal, has passed away. Dave was critical in the development of an open intellectual forum about counter-insurgency, which eventually became all things military. War on the Rocks, Strategy Bridge, and other sites owe their existence to him. I disagreed with him plenty on politics and on administration, but his role as a pioneer is undeniable.
  • The white supremacy problem(s) in the US military.
  • I sure hope Space Force is funny. I’m not sure folks appreciate the impact that M*A*S*H, for all of its flaws, had on a generation of American thinking about the military. My students at the USAWC last year were at the very end of the cohort that could still claim familiarity with M*A*S*H, and the difference in attitudes between them and younger officers was notable.
  • Norway 1940: The first modern air-sea battle.
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