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The Covid rackets


For grifters a pandemic is above all a fantastic profit-making opportunity. Desperate panicked people will pay vastly more for things than they normally would, which means great profits can be raked in by anybody with access to those things.

The Trump administration is quite literally a criminal organization, run with profit as its only goal. People who think Trump is withholding federal medical supplies from states like New York mainly out of spite are naive. Sure spite is factor, but the main point is price gouging. The federal government is transferring enormous amounts of emergency supplies to private contractors, who then re-sell those supplies to individual states at a big markup. How do you think those contractors are getting access to those supplies? (Trump just put one of his own impeachment lawyers in charge of “overseeing” the spending of the $2 trillion bailout, which should be a pretty big hint as to how this cozy little racket is going to get run).

What’s happening right now is among other things one of the biggest financial crimes in the country’s history. And 45% of the country is more than OK with it — they admire it.

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