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Dying to vote


The incredible disgrace going on in Wisconsin today is going to get a lot of people killed, thanks to John Roberts and the rest of his Federalist Society partners in legal crime. (Apparently only five of the 180 polling places in Milwaukee are open, because poll workers don’t want to die just so that Bernie Sanders can keep losing the Democratic nomination by a landslide.)

National mail-in voting should be at the very top of the Democratic agenda. It’s astonishing that so much of the country still requires people to vote in-person, in an age in which technology has made that requirement completely anachronistic. (The Republican strategy for November is quite simply do to everything possible to keep non-white people from voting. Multi-hour lines at, cough, “urban,” cough, polling places are a key part of that strategy).

Meanwhile Donald Trump is firing anybody who might stop him and the rest of his crime family from stealing as much of the $2 trillion relief bill as he can get his stubby little fingers on.

Also meanwhile, the new press secretary likes to make jokes about how Obama’s brother lives in a hut in Kenya, and is or I suppose was a big supporter of the Birther movement.

. . . Scott flagged this:

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