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I see we’re doing another day of “Republicans are totally pivoting to economic populism” now:

I could go on, but you get the idea.

What’s important to emphasize here is that, in a context in which every day of delay means more people will get sick and more people will die unnecessarily, the current actual offer of the Republican Senate conference is “nothing.” A nothing that is in fact much worse than nothing. Don’t give them credit for making vague gestures about Nancy Pelosi not doing enough until 1)they pass something, 2)you see what’s in it, and 3)you take the fact that they’ve are on day 3 and counting of doing nothing for no reason at all. And that goes triple when you’re dealing with a guy who thinks that no able-bodied American should be eligible for Medicaid. I mean, it’s been more than three years of predictions that Donald Trump’s Republican Party was going to pivot to economic populism and 0% of them have come true, maybe a little skepticism is in order at this point. Although, as djw says, pretending to be country-fried rubes when faced with completely obvious Republican cons is an identity marker more than anything:

Anyway, don’t compare what Pelosi actually passed with isolated attractive-sounding Republican policy proposals or gestures at policy proposals. (The apples-to-apples comparison is Schumer’s $750 billion proposal.) Wait until they actually do something before you pat them on the back.

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