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Life begins at conception and ends at birth


Charles has a good round-up of “you can’t make an up arrow on the S&P 500 index without breaking some grandparents” “reasoning” from various parts of the Republican death cult, some of them powerful elected officials. The First Things excretion can stand in for all of them:

Conservative punditry went even further than Patrick did. R.R. Reno, the editor of First ThingsAmerican Catholicism’s most prominent Pius IX fanzine, explained at length that demonic forces may be at work in the efforts to keep people from being dead.

[cite omitted]

Reno goes on to compare those of us in self-quarantine to the brave, God-fearing casualties of the 1918 flu pandemic who, in Reno’s words, “bowed their head before the storm of disease and endured its punishing blows, but they otherwise stood firm and continued to work, worship, and play, insisting that fear of death would not govern their societies or their lives.” And, of course, spread the disease to a lot of people who didn’t particularly want it, but who died anyway.

Bear with me here, but I’m beginning to think the Republican war on the reproductive freedom of American women may not be motivated by a seamless commitment to the sanctity of human life!

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