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Who Does Amy Kloubchar Think Goes to College?


There really isn’t any good reason for Democratic candidates to oppose the idea of free college tuition. But if they are going to do so, can’t they at least not be this clueless?

I live in Rhode Island. Does Klobuchar think that every college kid is like the ones going to Brown? What about all the students who go to URI, Rhode Island College, Bryant? What about all the students who go into debt for the Massachusetts regional state system, schools like Bridgewater State? What about those doing the same to go to Southern Connecticut or Eastern Connecticut, not to mention all those first generation students at UCONN or the working people of the Boston metro area making it through UMass-Boston? This is just hopelessly clueless about the real problems Americans are facing. And that’s a big reason why her campaign goes nowhere.

The problem with the centrist side of the Democratic Party is that it simply ignores or handwaves away the very real problems that Americans face in favor of reaching out to Wall Street. And were elderly African-American voters by and large not so skeptical of the government ever doing anything to help them, for very good reason, and therefore seeking to limit the damage to their own lives from the post-Obama white backlash, even fewer voters would support these moderates.

There’s really no substantive argument against something like free college unless you simply oppose the government being involved in helping people’s lives. That’s different than saying every free tuition plan is a good one. We need to move beyond slogan to policy. But Klobuchar’s nonsense is just that and people should ignore it and ignore her terrible campaign.

In conclusion, obviously Bernie Sanders is the problem in the Democratic primary and LGM commenters should engage in another hate fest against him instead of people with terrible ideas and campaigns such as Klobuchar.

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