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Warren, Sanders and Foreign Policy


Given the online mythology that has grown around this subject, NYT policy questionnaires are very useful indeed. Here’s Warren. Here’s Bernie. What you will notice is that the fundamental similarity of their policy views extends to foreign policy, and if anything Warren is somewhat more dovish. And there’s never been any reason to think otherwise! The idea that Warren was some kind of hawk was based solely on stuff like the bad faith misreadings of innocuous tweets by hacks determined to turn Warren into a Thatcherite after she breifly took a lead in the polls. And, no, the fact that Warren voted for a defense appropriations bill that was going to pass no matter what after the Democratic leadership was able to secure material policy concessions does not tell you anything about what her foreign policy as president would be like; people telling you otherwise are either don’t know what they’re talking about or are engaged in campaign advertising, not analysis.


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