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Socially liberal, economically conservative


The preferred centrist ideology of 4 out of 5 mainstream media pundits is to be pretty much OK with shredding the social safety, as long as a candidate has liberal positions on culture war issues. This ideology remains fantastically unpopular among the electorate as a whole:

Note how the obverse orientation — socially conservative but economically liberal — is vastly more popular, especially if you take third party doofi out of the equation, which renders the Pundit Quadrant almost completely empty.

Also too, socially liberal positions are exponentially more popular than economically “conservative” — meaning plutocrat-pleasing — positions (Compare the number of voters in the lower left part of the lower left quadrant, to those in the upper right part of the upper right quadrant).

It’s a real tribute to the power of white identity politics that radically unpopular economic policies can still be shoved through the vetogates of the legislative process.

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