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You fucked up, you trusted Bush


This hawk won’t hunt:

Former Secretary of State John Kerry defended former Vice President Biden over the Iraq War, saying that the George W. Bush administration “broke their word with respect to how they would proceed” in Iraq.

“The fact is that we were promised by a president, by an administration, that they were going to do it as a last resort after exhausting diplomacy, that if they have to go to war it would be with a coalition that they built broadly, and that they would do it only in conjunction with our allies,” Kerry said Friday. “It didn’t have to happen; it was a war of choice.”

“It was a mistake to have trusted them, I guess, and we paid a high price for it,” Kerry added. “But that was not voting for the war.”

Oh come on. A vote for the Iraq AUMF was a vote to go to war with Iraq, and everybody knew that. The Bush administration was lying constantly about the case for war, and everyone should have known that. And leaving aside the folly of believing that Bush wouldn’t go to war with whatever coalition he had, the war would have been a horrible idea no matter how many allies he was able to get on board, so it’s neither here nor there.

One fundamental thing liberal supporters of the war willfully refused to understand is that voting to authorize war in 2002 was, in fact, a vote for George W. Bush’s war. You can’t support the war and then justify it by saying you’d have done it differently. And you can’t vote to authorize Bush to invade Iraq and then deny resposibility for what he did with the power. It’s 100% fair game for Bernie or any other candidate who didn’t support the war to call Biden on it.

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