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Tuesday NatSec Roundup

Photograph of the damage done to the USS West Virginia, sunk in the Japanese raid on Pearl Harbor - NARA - 306536.jpg
USS West Virginia alongside USS Tennessee

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

  • Troubling report on sexual violence in the Eritrean armed forces. A couple decades ago the organization was viewed as emblematic of how a guerrilla military organization could develop egalitarian gender norms even within a traditionalist society. Turns out that things have not worked out well.
  • Here’s an example of someone not understanding the source of the reporting conventions in a particular field. I don’t care for “troop” myself, but it’s a heck of a lot better than the combination of soldier/sailor/airman/Marine that would otherwise destroy the prose flow of whatever you’re trying to write.
  • CVN-81 will be named the USS Doris Miller. I have mixed feelings, which I will describe in a future post.
  • The National Interest asked me to evaluate the likely consequences of a Second Korean War. Long story short, it ain’t good.
  • India continues to push forward with developing a practical submarine-launched nuclear deterrent.
  • Nice explainer on the difference between propellers and pump jets on submarines.
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