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His Turn?


You can decide who you want to believe here. Obviously, if Warren and the four staffers are telling the truth, it is…not the end of the world but not good either:

Elizabeth Warren has offered an explosive account of a meeting with Bernie Sanders in which he said he didn’t believe a woman could win in 2020.

On Monday evening, after a day of her campaign declining to comment on the story, the candidate issued a statement confirming her recollection of the meeting.

Sanders has denied the story, first reported by CNN, as a total fabrication by “staff who weren’t in the room [and] are lying about what happened,” he said in a lengthy statement issued Monday. Three people who heard Warren talk in early 2019 about the meeting said on Monday that their memory of her telling matched CNN’s reporting.

The fact that the candidate was herself the source of the story renders Sanders’ first response — blaming it on “lying” staffers — inoperative, and ensures that the two senators will be forced to discuss the details of the disputed December 2018 meeting at Tuesday night’s debate here in Iowa.

In the meeting between Warren and Sanders, both of whom frequently refer to the other as a “friend,” the Massachusetts senator informed her colleague that she planned to run for president. In his statement denying the CNN account of the meeting, Sanders said it would be “ludicrous to believe” that he responded by saying a woman couldn’t win the election.

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