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Work requirements for thee, $43,065 in jewelry for me

What’s more Republican than the head of CMS wearing a $6,000 pendant while touting work requirements for Medicaid recipients? Wearing a pendant purchased from the company of the Republican POTUS’ daughter while touting work requirements.

I hope CMS Administrator Seema Verma was more careful with her belongings when she went to South Carolina to announce work requirements for Medicaid recipients. It would be tragic if she lost another $43,065 worth of jewelry on a work trip.

The government on Monday defended a top Trump administration health official who sought a reimbursement from taxpayers of $47,000, reportedly including a $5,900 Ivanka Trump-brand pendant, for items stolen during a work-related trip.

Of fucking course.

Other items lost included $2,000 in clothes and $325 in moisturizer.

Because there’s nothing not Murder Clown in the Storm Drain levels of awful about this administration, I assume the moisturizer is a Bathory (TM) Cosmetics Corporation product.

HHS noted that she was instructed to report everything that was stolen, but I think that it is more than fair to ask why any one working for the fed, and especially someone from the Federal Workers are Useless Parasites! Drain the Swamp! side of the aisle who is actively working to make poor people’s lives worse is traveling with $43,000 worth of jewelry in the first place.

In fact, I’ve been trying to come up with $43,000 worth of anything that it would make sense to take on a business trip and so far I’ve come up with: a new car to drive to the business engagement.

But to people who only take a break from exhorting everyone to work harder to whine about taxes that kind of money, spent on luxury items that are carelessly handled is one of the perks of being in power.

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