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Kiss the Children


Such a shame that it’s so hard for me to tell the truth to you
But by now you know the kind of man I am
So don’t turn your pretty face away from me, dear
‘Cause there’s kids in this game don’t understand

Republicans have finally found something to get outraged about:

But it’s not just the First Bound Concubine who’s upset:

I’ll say!

Of course Pravda is all over this major breaking scandal.

“While the president can name his son Barron, he can’t make him a baron,” Karlan remarked, prompting a wave of backlash from conservatives.

Unfortunately Karlan has been bullied into apologizing for making a perfectly valid point via employing a harmless word play with Barron Trump’s name.

What sort of Queensbilly names his kid Barron anyway?

Oops sorry about that. I hope the putrefying corpse of David Broder doesn’t claw its way out of its unquiet grave to protest my incivility. (BTW John Barron is one of Donald Trump’s sock puppets).

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