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Elections have consequences


And beating Matt Bevin is already helping poor people in Kentucky:

Gov. Andy Beshear on Monday ended former Gov. Matt Bevin’s quest to scale back Kentucky’s Medicaid program by requiring “able-bodied” adults to report work hours and other changes critics said would cost up to 100,000 Kentuckians their health coverage.

“I believe health care is a basic human right,” Beshear said at a news conference. “For as long as I am governor, I’ll fight for health care coverage for all Kentucky families.”

By revoking Bevin’s plan, Beshear, a Democrat, fulfilled the last of three actions he pledged to take during his his first week in office to reverse actions of his Republican predecessor — reorganizing the state Education Board, restoring voting rights to 140,000 ex-offenders and abolishing the Medicaid plan Bevin rolled out in 2016.

Beshear took office Dec. 10 after defeating Bevin in the Nov. 5 election.

And Monday, Beshear pulled the plug on changes to Medicaid that Bevin had sought to enact after winning approval from the Trump administration. Bevin had been temporarily blocked thus far by adverse federal court rulings that his administration has appealed.

This win was one of the best things to happen in 2019. And remember that Bevin’s BFF is trying to take healthcare away from tens of millions of people.

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