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President Trump assured us there would be no racisms


A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest:

This line of questioning eventually led Roberts to tip his hand. When former Solicitor General Theodore Olson approached the lectern to defend DACA, he noted that the program allowed “hundreds of thousands of people” to remain in the U.S., “which has engendered reliance.” Roberts interrupted, looking slightly peeved. “But, Mr. Olson,” he said, “the whole thing was about work authorization and these other benefits. Both administrations have said they’re not going to deport the people. So the deferred prosecution or deferred deportation, that’s not what the focus of the policy was.”

This claim is simply wrong. Acting U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Ken Cuccinelli told reporters in October that if DACA dies, its former beneficiaries “will join the ranks of millions of people” subject to deportation. Moreover, the Trump administration has fought aggressively to deport several DACA recipients, even fabricating evidence to falsely accuse one Dreamer of gang affiliation. Trump and his associates have given Dreamers every reason to believe that they may be sent back to a country they do not even remember if they lose DACA protections.

When dealing with bad faith on this level, whether Roberts “really” believes this is fundamentally beside the point. Either way, I prefer Gorsuch’s straightforward sociopathy to Roberts pretending to give a shit.

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