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Plutocrat Announces Plan to Set Money on Fire


Sure, why not:

Michael R. Bloomberg, the billionaire former mayor of New York City, spent at least $30 million on Friday for a single week of television ads, a formidable show of financial force ahead of an expected Democratic run for president.

The ad buy will begin on Monday in more than two dozen states from California to Maine, according to ad trackers. This initial television campaign will feature 60-second ads — a sign of a huge 2020 Bloomberg campaign budget that could easily stretch into the nine-figure range.

The scope of Mr. Bloomberg’s ad buy is staggering. It costs more than some smaller campaigns have spent all year on advertising, and more than what Senator Cory Booker had raised in donations from February through the end of September.

Mr. Bloomberg will spend $1.2 million in Los Angeles, $863,000 in Chicago, $754,000 in Boston, $626,000 in Houston and $611,000 in Dallas, according to Advertising Analytics, a media-tracking company. And more reservations were still arriving late Friday.

Perhaps he’s been inspired by Deval Patrick’s triumphant entrance!

As the second-to-last graf above implies, it remain puzzling why the part of the Dem donor class that hates Warren and Bernie but doesn’t trust Biden to beat them is funding the vanity campaigns of themselves and others rather than backing the moderates with some theoretical chance of attracting substantial African-American support who are already in the race. I agree with Ed Kilgore that it’s ridiculous to think that either could emerge as the candidate in the very, very unlikely possibility of a contested convention, but that doesn’t mean that the people urging Patrick and Bloomberg to join the race don’t think that; a lot of people love convincing/deluding themselves about galaxy-brain convention scenarios (cf. the many ridiculous plans to stop Trump at the RNC in 2016.) I also suspect the theory that the idea is for Patrick is to weaken Warren in New Hampshire has something to it, with the flaw being that there’s no reason to think he’ll take any material support away from anyone.

What I’m saying, I guess, is that none of these machinations will change anything. Which if Biden implodes or peters out, is fine! But if not…

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