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Help the People, Help Yourselves


A couple of good points from writers at the Vox dot com website. First:

Republicans in all three branches make it a top priority to attack labor and its political power. The lesson for this for Democrats is pretty obvious! And yet there’s nothing like a symmetrical commitment to opposing these efforts from Democrats. Instead, you get things like Claire McCaskill opposing card check and then complaining about how there’s no countervailing influence to Fox News when she loses. Not that this is a new phenomenon, either — even at the height of the Great Society repealing Taft-Hartley never even really received serious consideration.

Another way Democrats could do good and help themselves at the same time the next time they gain power would be to pass federal legislation permitting auto manufacturers to sell directly to customers:

Allowing consumer to bypass a famously unpleasant and alienating experience that increases the price of what in most American locations is a vital commodity AND attacking the political power of Buddy Garrity Republicans at the same time — win-win!

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