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Bombshell testimony confirms what everybody already knew


I don’t understand why things work this way, but obviously they do:

Gordon Sondland said he never talked to President Trump about “preconditions” for the Ukraine aid to be released, but his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani made “demands” that came from Trump.
“When the President says, ‘talk to my personal attorney’ and then Mr. Guiliani, as his personal attorney, makes certain requests or demands, we assume it’s coming from the President,” Sondland said.

Ya think?

Ok this here is potentially interesting:

Moments before Wednesday’s impeachment hearings and right after U.S. Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland’s opening statement was released, Fox News contributor Ken Starr wondered aloud whether Sondland flipping on President Trump would cause GOP senators to push Trump to resign. “The real issue is the senators are watching,” Starr said. “Are senators going to now say in light of what we hear today, it’s going to be a long day even with the ambassador alone, in light of what we have heard, ‘We need to make a trip down to the White House’? That historic example set during the Nixon presidency. From what I’ve been able to glean I don’t think that’s going to happen. But obviously what happens today could—has the potential to be a game-changer.”

In his opening statement, Sondland claimed that Trump was seeking a quid pro quo with Ukraine in exchange for investigations into the president’s political rivals, adding that Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani was “expressing the desires” of Trump.

During a break in the hearings a few hours later, Starr was just as emphatic in his belief that this could spell bad news for Trump. Noting that “articles of impeachment are being drawn up if they haven’t already been drawn up” over Sondland’s testimony, Starr concluded by saying “this obviously has been one of those bombshell days.”

As far as GOP power brokers go, Starr is as wired as it gets, and these obviously weren’t off the cuff remarks.

Assuming five stages that go from “he didn’t do it,” to “he did it but he was just conducting Foreign Policy,” to “he did it and it was bad, but not bad enough to remove him,” to “fuck you that’s why,” to “he’s gone, and we couldn’t do nothing about it,” I think it’s safe to say that we’re rapidly moving from #3 to #4. I still think the odds of getting to #5 are slim, but this whole thing is completely crazy on every level, so ultimately who knows how it will play out?

. . . Also this is real, or “real” as Zizek would say:

Donald Trump’s notes as he makes a statement regarding the Ukraine shakedown, November 20, 2019

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