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The Killing Of Joshua Brown


The Dallas PD has suspects and I have questions:

Dallas police said Tuesday that they have identified three suspects in the fatal shooting of a key witness in the trial of Amber Guyger, the white former officer convicted of murder for killing Botham Jean, her unarmed black neighbor.

Joshua Brown was shot to death on Friday, 10 days after he testified against Guyger. The timing fueled rumors that his role in the trial had made him a target, with some alleging a conspiracy by local law enforcement.

But on Tuesday, police emphatically denied the claims and identified three suspects in the shooting, men they said who traveled from Alexandria, La., to Dallas to buy drugs from Brown and then exchanged gunfire with him when the deal went south.


I wouldn’t say this is, er, the most plausible story I’ve ever heard.

Apropos of nothing in particular, I recommend this excellent Rachel Aviv story about a police officer and abusive domestic partner who so far has gotten away with attempting to kill his wife because Georgia state police are pretending to believe a transparently false attempted suicide theory. Now if you excuse me, I plan to drive to Corvalis because some gentlemen have agreed to sell me a six pack of India Pale Ale, which is a relief because this particular intoxicant is almost impossible to find in the Seattle metropolitan area.

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