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Once as farce, and again as tragedy


Paul mentioned below the Times indirectly acknowledging that Republicans were lying when they pretended to be Extremely Concerned about Hillary Clinton’s compliance, without 1)acknowledging their own discretionary decision not merely to take these transparently bad faith Republican accusations at face value but their highly influential decision to treat them like the O.J. trial or 2)explaining why they have devoted a fraction of the attention to the many more serious instances of such misconduct by the Trump administration. Of course, their decision to bury Trump’s State Department’s exoneration of Clinton on page A16 speaks for itself:

Although one might hope that Times’s editors and their many counterparts are at least partially aware of how badly they screwed this up, I would note that this was nothing knew for the Times. The obvious historical precedent for this is Whitewater. This was a pure invention of the Times without even the de minimis misconduct of the EMAILS “scandal.” (Jeff Gerth, who invented this fake scandal, kept his job to massively blow another story.) When the Pillbury Report cleared the Clintons of any wrongdoing over Whitewater, the Times covered it...on Page A12, 11 days after the report was released. Just another case of history repeating.

Maybe things will be better in 2020. On the other hand, Ken Vogel had everything he needed to get the scoop on the story that is likely to be the crucial catalyst for the impeachment of Trump, but missed it because he was trying to come up with the EMAILS! story for Joe Biden.

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