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NCAA Falls Back

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1920 Akron Pros. Public Domain, Link´╗┐

Seems as if California’s move on NCAA compensation has broken the dam open. Even Mitt has given up on the noble ideals of amateurism…

Federal lawmakers returned to Capitol Hill this week with interest piqued in finding new ways to compensate college athletes.

U.S. Rep. Mark Walker, R-N.C., spent Wednesday drumming up support for a proposed bill that could make it possible for all U.S. college athletes to accept endorsement money as early as January 2021.

Walker introduced a bill in March that would change federal tax code to prohibit the NCAA and its member schools from requiring college athletes to sign away the rights to their own name, image and likeness in order to play college sports. The bill would have the same effect on a national scale as a first-of-its-kind state law passed in California two weeks ago.

Congress reconvened Tuesday for the first time since California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed his state’s law, and on Wednesday politicians from both the House of Representatives and the Senate met to discuss the best way to move forward.

Kentucky has a bill that follows up California’s action. At the very least, it seems likely to make it impossible for the NCAA to take serious action against California programs (which was probably absurd in any case).

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