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Monday NatSec Roundup

Sukhoi Su-24 inflight Mishin-3.jpg

Su-24 “Fencer.” By Alexander Mishin -, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

We are not afraid of the owl, we are the hawks.

  • Russia and the bombing of the hospitals. Something something Obama drone strikes something.
  • Overall, the Turkish offensive seems to be going relatively smoothly, although it’s always hard to tell for sure at this point. The Turks are using airpower and artillery to support the advance of pro-Turkish militias, some of whom (of course) are associated with ISIS…
  • Interesting read on evangelical support for the Kurds. Unlike Israel, it’s not so much about torturing the Scriptures, but rather about identifying support of the United States with the mission of Jesus on Earth. Anyway, I suspect they’ll quickly determine that Cyrus has in fact made the correct choice.
  • Speaking of which, deconfliction doesn’t seem to be working all that well. Would like to read something new and solid about the modern politics of the Turkish military; obviously it used to be a source of strong support for the US in Turkey, but that perhaps is no longer the case.
  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Assad government is coming to the support of the Kurds. Historically the Kurds have generally had solid relations with Assad, or at least more solid than the Kurdish communities in Turkey and Iraq could enjoy.
  • Donald Trump is a stupid person’s idea of a smart person. I’d love to play poker with him…
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