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You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows


So this is a thing that happened today:

My friend Steve is a professional weather guy, and an avid Trump watcher, so this is right in his wheelhouse:

This is roughly the chronology here: 

1. A few days ago when Dorian was over the Bahamas and it was clear that it was going to turn right and go up the US east coast, Trump tweeted a tweet. In it he mistakenly said that Alabama might get hit. He shouldn’t be giving his take on a forecast, but whatever. Not in his top 1000 stupidest tweets. 

2. 20 minutes later, a National Weather Service office in Alabama had to clarify that Alabama would see no effects from Dorian. 

3. The next day ABC reported about this little mixup and Trump complained about fake news as usual. 

4. TODAY, during a briefing about a storm CURRENTLY THREATENING the United States, he brought out a week old NHC forecast map, when Dorian was well out in the Atlantic. It showed a possible crossing into the Gulf, which never happened. Again, by the time Trump made the Alabama post, this forecast was long outdated. 

5. He or some aide, DREW ON THE WEEK-OLD MAP an extra nonsensical loop to INCLUDE ALABAMA. 

While people and officials from FL to VA are currently making important decisions , he is trying to defend the Alabama error. He is this petty and this stupid. Aagh.

Aagh indeed.

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