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Sanders Surrogate Attacks Warren With Discredited Republican Talking Points


This is just completely unacceptable right here:

Repeating thoroughly discredited pseudo-scandals invented by Warren’s Republican opponents is just disgusting. (Yes, the DNA test was a mistake — although I do think it has to be viewed in the context of trying to make this nonsense go away. But she has apologized for it and it doesn’t change the fact that the charges that she presented herself as a Native American for the purposes of professional advancement were completely bogus.) The idea that it should be disqualifying for Warren to meet…with the party’s most recent presidential nominee is self-evidently, although revealingly, idiotic. You know you’re going to need support from a lot of people who like Hillary Clinton to win the Dem nomination, right? Or maybe you don’t.

Every candidate is going to have Twitter randos who say dumb stuff on their behalf, but with Sanders too many of these people are prominent surrogates or paid operatives. I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s particularly hilarious to see a rich celebrity appear at Sanders campaign events to repeat the false claim that Warren isn’t a committed Democrat, when said rich celebrity was arguing in November 2016 that people in swing states shouldn’t vote for Clinton. At some point if Sanders won’t tell these people to cut it out you have to assume he approves.

And now, the punchline:

Yes, beating Trump is the top priority, so we’d better amplify false right-wing talking points against someone who could very well be the Dem nominee as much as possible! Right-o. Also, pretending that “electability” is the most important consideration is a great thing to argue…if you want Biden to be the nominee, Just stop this.

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